Sri Lanka and The Netherlands have had relationships for over 400 years. The relations between two countries in respect of educational aspects, commenced after the establishment of the Netherlands Foundation for International Cooperation (NUFFIC) in 1952. The NUFFIC coordinated training and higher education facilities in The Netherlands along with Government of The Netherlands. During the last six decades, a large number of Sri Lankans was able to obtain higher education in different disciplines in The Netherlands through the assistance of the NUFFIC and the Government of The Netherlands. This training has proved extremely useful in the diversified national development programmes of Sri Lanka. Many of these alumni occupy very high positions in State and Private Sector organizations in Sri Lanka.

Main Objectives of NAAL are
Promote fellowship and goodwill among its members
Liaise with Institutions in The Netherlands and disseminate technological programs
Advice and assist prospective Sri Lankan participants of study programmes in the Netherlands before departure
Promote or participate in social and cultural development projects in collaboration with Dutch Universities, institutions, and non-governmental organizations.
Work for the general welfare of members
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