Bonavista Home for the elders is situated in Galle where the elders, who do not look after by their family members find a secured shelter and happy living. It is managed by the Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) of Galle. NAAL with the help of SOS Velson & Velson City has been helping this elders’ home time to time for over twenty years up to now. The home was gifted with a water pump to obtain drinking water from a well and a suitable water tank was instilled as far as in 1986. Beds, Bed Sheets and Pillow cases were supplied as required to keep the elders home functioning smoothly and clean. Garden chairs, renovation of dining hall, TV set, fans and a refrigerator were supplied for the use of the inmates. The dining hall was renovated and   a few toilets were constructed by NAAL to improve the facilities of the home.  A telephone connection was provided in order that the Home could contact a doctor when necessary. A vehicle was donated for transportation since the home was situated outside a main road. NAAL through the help of Velsen assisted in building a Praying room for the elders to be used in religious activities. Monthly supply of Milk food for the inmates has been funded by NAAL every month with the help of Dutch Donors. 

    # 95, Prince Street,
    Colombo 11, Sri Lanka
  Tel/Fax : +94-11-2447002