One of the first tasks of the Galle-Velsen twinning programme was to uplift the living standards of the shanty dwellers in Galle Municipal Area . The citizens of Velsen raised funds to develop infrastructure facilities of a selected area of Galle city, then known as Galwalawatta on Wakwella road. After effective improvements, the name Galwalawatta was changed to Velsenpura.

These shanty dwellers were mostly were living in very unhealthy environment and NAAL along with Velsen were able to obtain allocation of land to these people and commenced a project to rehabilitate their environment by building houses, common toilets and community hall with the help of funds from Netherlands. The principle of this development was that each householder also needed to participate and contribute in the process by providing their own labour in the building process. It was found that almost all the affected person cooperated in building their own houses with the fund allocated to them by NAAL from the assistance of Velsen. NAAL went further by helping them to build up common infrastructure like internal roads, common toilets, internal drains and community well for drinking water. The NAAL then encouraged them to form into a welfare society and build up the community centre. The community society was encouraged to be a partner in the development by actively participating in and development as well as conducting a pre-school for small children with the help of the Galle Municipality. The project developed so well that the Galle Municipality re named the area as Velsenpura. It is most interesting that the inhabitants have modernized those houses with more facilities. They have also rebuilt the community centre with more space and facilities.
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