War Widow's program -Jaffna

With the end of the conflict after 30 years NAAL considered that it is the time to initiate projects in the Northern parts of the country to help the affected families. It was thought the widows were one of the most affected parties and through the help of security force civil coordinators; NAAL selected 31 widows due to the conflict to help to improve their living standards.
Accordingly ten pregnant cows, four pairs of goats, 100 one month old chicks for four families for poultry keeping, eleven Zig Zag Sewing Machines with accessories and two water pumps for agriculture purposes were handed over for 31 widows at Achchuweli in Jaffna.

The funds for this project were provided by Netherlands Sri Lanka Foundation in the Netherlands. NAAL continues to monitor the project and are happy to note that the recipients have improved their income and living standards.
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