War Widow's program -Jaffna

Netherlands Alumni Association of Lanka (NAAL) has been implemented various social development projects in Southern part of the country under the Galle-Velson twin City program and various other sources.
In the first time of the NAAL history it initiated a social development project for war widows in Northern part of the country.  These widows are citizens of Jaffna who lost their husbands as a result of 30 year conflict in the Northern.   NAAL donated ten pregnant cows, eleven Zig Zag Sewing Machine with accessories, 3 months egg chickens for eggs, eight goats and two water pumps for agriculture to 35 widows for Achchuweli in Jaffna.
The funds for this project were provided by the Sri Lanka Ranjana Dr. Evert Jongens of Netherlands, Sri Lanka Foundation in the Netherlands.  Project was coordinated by Lt. Col. G.A.L. Kithsiri, Sri Lanka Army, Army Camp, Kuchchaweli.
The donation ceremony was held at Central College Achchuweli with the participation of NAAL Executive Committee members. Principals of several Schools and the people for the Jaffna area.  Area Commander - Jaffna, Maj. General Hathurusinghe graced the ceremony. He said that all Sri Lankan should live together so that they can have a peaceful society.  He further said that these widows who received the donations, equipments and animals should use wisely so as to be able to earn an income for a better life in a peaceful society. 

After few month’s NAAL undertook a monitoring exercise and NAAL could be happy that these widows were earning out of the facilities provided and hence having a better life.
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